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Show Host Bios

John "Hop-Along" Cassidy (, JJCJR on Facebook

John Cassidy is a well-known and respected name in the Southern California Fishing Community.  He owns and operates Angler's Arsenal, a tackle store in La Mesa, CA known for its family-type relationship with its customers.  Also at Angler's Arsenal is Western Plastics, where custom plastic lures of all colors and shapes are produced and can be made to order.

ddddJohn Cassidy has been the host of Rod and Reel Radio since Bill's passing. He served as Co-Host of Rod and Reel Radio for over 6 years along with Big Tuna Bill, helping to get the best fishing information out to our listeners.  John has an unmistakable voice and a wealth of knowledge from his many years of fishing both at sea and on lakes.  Plus, he has access to the newest products hitting the market thanks to his store, and he loves to share the details on all the new stuff!

John has also served as Tournament Director for many Fishing Tournaments, including the El Cajon Tournament Series in 2011.  John is seemingly everywhere, but still finds time to fish when he can.  Always an advocate for fishing, John is always encouraging people to get out and fish, and support our rights to do so.


The Fish Icon - Captain James Nelson

Stan Vanderburg: Large Mouth Bass. Just the word "bass" causes a tingle up the spine of any fresh water angler. Say it in Stan's company and you're in for a long conversation. "The Tingle... Yeah, I get it, then it goes to my arm, as I think of the shiver of a rod when a big one's shaking it's head that really gets me going. I love catching Bass."

Large Mouth Bass are Stan's passion and specialty. Stan sits among the elite in Southern California's professional Bass fishing Community. Stan's insight and knowledge have been built over 23 years of Professional Tournament Fishing and as a consultant to many companies who specialize in Freshwater Bass Angling. The list of Stan's Sponsors and Professional & Civic Associations is impressive and supports his well-deserved reputation as a top-class Freshwater Bass Angler. Stan is a resident of Southern California, where the man-made reservoirs and lakes hold wonderful populations of healthy Large Mouth Bass. Today Stan fishes selected local and regional tournaments, but most enjoys the work he does with various tackle companies, helping to develop better ways for every angler to be more successful, and especially the work he does on Rod and Reel radio, sharing his knowledge with the recreational fisherman, and of course, spending his time on the water, with his friends.

Stan Vanderburg: "I spent years fishing tournaments. I reached the point where It wasn't about catching fish any more, but about beating the other guy. I didn't like that. So, now I may fish a selected tournament, but I enjoy spending my days out on the water with my friends, just having fun, catching Bass."

Wendy Tochihara (, Wendy Tochihara on Facebook

Wendy began her professional career at a very young age when she and her twin sister became child actresses. You may have seen her in various TV commercials or possibly as guest star on Kung Fu, Medical Center or the Roseanne Show. She was a regular cast member of the CBS series The King and I with Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar and also performed on stage in Anna and the King, with Ricardo Monteblan and Sally Anne Howes.

As a child, she was kept very busy with her acting career but still managed to find time to participate in many sports like basketball and softball. The times she looked forward to the most however were the family camping and fishing trips. The love of fishing and the outdoors has never left, only grown into a new career.

Today Wendy is the National Sales Manager for Izorline International and she can be found in the Southern California area competing in fishing tournaments both in fresh and salt water throughout the year. As a tournament angler, Wendy has many impressive sponsors including: Daiwa, Triton Boats, Owner Hooks, G-Loomis Fishing Rods, Coast Lures, Pro-Cure, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits and Stanton Marine.

She has appeared in a number of TV fishing programs, including ESPN2's Destination Outdoors and Randy Jones' Strike Zone seen on the Outdoor Channel. Since 1998 her voice has been heard on the radio in Southern California.